SW CAGE Bird Traps

  • Our traps are designed to catch, relocate, and control your bird population.
  • Depending on the trap size – as many as 6 – 30+ birds at one time.
  • With our pigeon traps – pigeons enter the traps through special one way entry door, the repeating doors do not have to be reset, preventing trapped birds from escaping.
  • When trapping pigeons a variety of bait can be used, we have found whole kernel corn is excellent bait, placed inside and outside of entry doors.
  • Traps with built in /W/F (water – feeder pans) and /S (shade screen) help attract additional birds into traps.
  • SW CAGE bird traps are designed and tested with Proven Results, used by many leading experts in the pest control profession.

SW CAGE : Fact is – there is a difference in Quality and Design

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